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Agent App Redesign


IA, UX architecture, Research and Visual Design


Pencil and paper, Axure, Illustrator, Sketch and After Effects

The problem

When faced with the existing Agent app, two major problems were immediately obvious. The first one was that the app itself had become very dated and lacked the functionality that it needed to have to be a useful up-to-date tool for our clients.

The second problem was receiving a lot of negative feedback when it came to its enrollment process, words like “scary” and “terrifying” were terms expressed by our users. The process itself was certainly obscure, did not convey an understanding of what was happening and left you with a feeling of “what did I just do?”>

The Solution

First, an audit of the current app to pluck out components that were ineffective and were causing its load time to drag.

Second, another audit to examine the existing enrollment process, identify those pain points, and see where improvements could be made.

A two pronged solution was the end result, and that was both a redesigned app and a much friendlier enrollment process that was if anything, transparent and eliminates the guessing and “obscurity” out of the entire journey.

Redefining the App

The first phase of this process was trimming the app and leaving only what was essential for it to work properly. After the initial audit, some of its functionality was outdated or no longer needed, as major components were taken out, the result was a clean, fully functional app that was both solving a problem and delighting users with its ease of use and clean visuals.

The enrollment process

Enrolling a device under this platform seemed a very daunting task, it jumps from native app to browser to app again, usually through a status bar without text, typically leaving you in information limbo. When you finally see text, it’s all red warnings and some messagin that is at the very best intimidating (a red Trust button for some reason inspires lack of trust).

A lot of sites were looked at to take inspiration from, one of the biggest sources where examples of properly doing things was drawn from was Google Inbox, and some of their examples were followed.

The final solution for enrollment includes today animated graphics that show what is happening at every stage, and after partnering with Content Strategy, consistent messaging was put also at every step of the process to keep the user informed of what everything meant and how it was affecting them.

The last piece of this was to put in a Privacy section that outlines how we collect information and how we use it, more importantly, was making the distinction of what we collect and what we don’t even look at.